Rat Trap

by Caeto Moon

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"Rat Trap is a welcome departure from Caeto's predominantly spacey style. Though he is not completely out with the old, this album introduces us to a musically matured Caeto. And yet the new style is reflective of the real Jalen, this rushed work being the quick impulse of someone used to putting off work to the last second. Old Caeto took time with the music, but this is rawer. Caeto also shows that he has overcome the woes of previous works and is not determined to get back out there and show his strength.

Pay attention. Not just to the lyrics, but the titles. It's clever. It's confusing. It'll make you want to move along. It's a good time. Rat Trap is worth a listen. Or ten.

And if we're all lucky, this is a warm up to a finished version of 'Be Like Me' ;)"

- Shivon Manchanda

"The defining characteristic of a great artist is the confinement of ability of expression to her/his medium. Caeto Moon's 'Rat Trap' is an intimate, grimy lo-fi glimpse into the passionate, sometimes desperate attempts at this self-expression through a totally unique iteration of hip-hop. The album is mysterious, with an undeniable intensity and confidence that is truly captivating, while staying true to its roots in hip-hop. Its intricate soundscapes demand repeat listenings while maintaining their enigmatic allure."

- Eric Leonhardt

"Rat Trap is memorable for its stylistic diversity of flow and lyricism. There's the trance-y, echoing layers of rap atop electronic synths in 'Mazey,' followed by the more rhythmic, structured beats and energetic vocals on 'Cackle' -- a personal favorite. The album ends on a more muted and blended tone with distorted vocals, where the rap sounds like a stream of consciousness. Listening to Rat Trap took me out of my usual musical zone and into new styles with asynchronous layers upon layers of rap, catchy electronic vibes, and percussion beats."

- Lily Zhou

Thank you to you all for your steadfast support! I hope this short work will speak to you all, my listeners, euphonically/musically, and in verses flowing with the symphonic sediment of a beat down the river. Enjoy! And you'll see: it's hard not to get stuck in this mousetrap.

Follow me @CaetoMoon and @Expligatory on all social platforms. If you really need a free download, send me a DM.


released December 23, 2016

All tracks have been written and performed by Jalen W Motes.



all rights reserved


Caeto Moon South Carolina

Synesthete by birth, musician by nature, Caeto Moon's been tasting the sounds he's been writing since before he was even calling himself Caeto---and well before he was howling to his surname at night. Riddled with odd time signatures, sexy chords, and undeniable grooves, he's more than capable of having you taste his sounds too. The question is: when are you going to listen? The answer is: now! ... more

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